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These twins putting themselves to bed is TOO MUCH! And what is with the tent on the cot?

Monty by Monty
June 26th, 2016

My two-year-old still sleeps in a cot, I would keep him in that thing for 17 years if I could. I like knowing he is basically trapped in his bed and there is no option of him performing a nighttime escape mission, or even worse, wondering into my bed. That time will come though and it’s probably sooner rather than later.  I am already sad for that day. Coveting mini humans from cots to mini beds is a mission. That kind of freedom to exit ones bed whenever they desire is far too much power for tiny people.

The first time my eldest slept in his ‘big bed’ he got up about 10 minutes after we put him down and wondered out into the living room, we made a big song and dance and gave him the death stare and to this very day he will not leave his bed without yelling out for us to come in. I feel like a moley mum as I type that but seriously it’s so awesome that he doesn’t get out of his bed without asking us first. My second laughs at my death stare so I don’t think he will abide by the big bed rules like my eldest.

When I saw this video of the most delicious little twin brothers putting themselves to bed I wanted to jump through my laptop and cuddle the shit out of them. It’s beyond adorable how they climb up the sides of their cots, flip themselves and then say goodnight. The part that really grabbed my attention besides the divine little specimens was the massive see through tent things that sit above their cots making it impossible for them to escape.

Where the fuck have these things been all my life!! Have you seen them before? I now feel confident I can keep my baby in his cot until he is 17 if I get one of these contraptions.


Then these guys got bigger and got these kick ass beds. I actually want to be one of them.