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Toddler twins play THE ‘cutest’ scary game EVER

Stacey by Stacey
December 20th, 2015

HOLY MOLY!!! These have to be the most adorable toddlers EVER. Cameron and Ollie are two gorgeous boys living with Down Syndrome and their mum documents their beautiful lives on her website to show the joys of parenthood and to reduce the stigma attached with the parenting of special needs kids. The boys were born in 2013 in Scotland and their mum explains why she documents their lives to share with the world.

“This page was set up when Ollie and Cameron were just two weeks old. This was to allow people to follow their journey almost from the very start. We hope that this page will help people to realise that a diagnosis of DS, either after birth (like us) or antenatally, is nothing to be scared or sad about. Children and adults with DS have the potential to live happy, fulfilled lives, just like anybody else and we hope that this page will illustrate that over the years.”

How adorable is this?