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Honesty time, do you know how many holes you have ‘down there’?

Monty by Monty
May 12th, 2016

I was an inquisitive kid; I was fascinated by the human body and would investigate mine often. I was famous within our family for doing the ‘mirror flip’. Are you familiar with this? It is simple and something I thought everyone did but apparently it is not as common as I thought. The mirror flip involves getting naked, going up to a full length mirror with your back facing it and flipping your head down between your legs. It is by far the best way to get a close up of what is going on down there. I am not ashamed to say for quite some time the mirror flip was my favourite pass time. I was young, curious and there was investigating to be done. I was basically an 8-year-old Inspector Gadget.


During that quality time with my nether regions I got very familiar with what is what. I quickly learnt how many holes we have and the names of the finer body parts.

I assumed all females knew that we have TWO holes down there (not including bum, let’s stick with the front). There is the urethra (wee hole) and the vaginal opening (period, sex, baby hole). You would be surprised how many women do not know this.

I was 18 when I informed my best friend that our monthly flow did not come out of the same hole as our wee. She was of course blown away; after all she had lived 18 years thinking there was one magical hole. She became very familiar with the mirror flip that day. All my years of close up investigating came to good use and she immediately became more familiar with what was residing in her pants.

I realise for a lot of us this is common knowledge but for loads it is not. So here is my suggestion. Mothers of young girls, get a mirror and encourage the flip, inform every women that crosses your path that we do indeed have TWO HOLES. Don’t be embarrassed… embrace it.

Honesty time. Did you know how many holes we have?