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Do you think this picture of Victoria Beckham kissing her daughter is too sexual?

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
July 12th, 2016

So, kissing kids on the lips is a topic we’ve covered a bit here on Show + Tell. There was the time American doctor Christine Reznick said that kissing children on the lips was “too sexual”. There was the time it was suggested by a dentist that kissing your kids on the lips could cause dental decay. Oh yeah, and there was that time that Stacey’s beautiful sons were called “faggots” after an adorable video of them kissing each other attracted comments on Facebook like, “They’ll grow up gay and feel sexually attracted to each other. Good luck dealing with it.” Just typing it makes my blood boil like a kettle of full-blown rage.

Victoria Beckham also feel victim of the troll police a while ago after she posted a gorgeous picture of herself and little girl Harper having a smooch in the pool on Harper’s birthday (above) with the caption, “Happy birthday baby girl We all love you so much. Kisses from Mummy. x”

How controversial. How inappropriate. How…..lesbian. Yep, apparently a mother giving her daughter a smackeroo on the lips is totes inappropes and warrants some warped opinions from sad and lonely keyboard warriors with nothing better to do with their time. A photograph of a fully-grown woman and her five-year-old daughter having a kiss on the lips being a sign of some kind of incestuous relationship could only occur in the mind of someone pretty bloody depraved I reckon, so as a community we need to shut that shit down quick smart – which is what many of Vicki B’s fans tried to do by coming to her defence.

In a world of social media, where anonymous people can hide behind their computers and say whatever the hell they want without a care in the world requires only one course of action in my mind. No response at all, because they’re simply not worthy. Block them – and never think about them again. Because they don’t deserve your time, your reaction or a scrap of your energy. Full stop.