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Ladies who Business with Jacqui Scruby from The Wedding Nest

Brooke by Brooke
October 28th, 2014

If you’re about to get hitched you need to meet Jacqui Scruby from the very cool Wedding Nest – a gift registry to style your home. Jacqui and her business partner Zoe created the successful registry company after not being able to find anything like this when they were getting married. And they do this while juggling two little ones.

The Wedding Nest offers an extensive range of designer homewares across all different styles (Contemporary, Eclectic, Coastal and French) and provides a beautiful and personalised online registry lookbook to inspire guests and give back the romance of gift giving.

We sat down with Jacqui to find out the inner workings of the Wedding Nest and these talented dames…

Where did the idea for the Wedding Nest come from?

The idea came about during my our own wedding experience of being really disappointed that there was no registry that offered the things we were coveting in homewares mags and our favourite boutique homewares stores.

I’d just bought an apartment with my future hubbie and thought how great it would be if we could receive things we really wanted to style our home – from Mud Australia dinnerware to juju headdresses – but nothing like that existed on existing registries. I saw there was a gap in the market for a registry that offered items to style a home – where you unpack your registry and the sum of the gifts you receive are more than each of them individually – that they make you step back and think – ‘wow my house looks like a magazine!’.

For us this meant having pieces that aren’t traditional wedding gifts – affordable artworks, mirrors, bookends and having a range so extensive that all styles from boho to contemporary were well represented and that no one person’s registry would be the same. It also meant focusing on underrepresented Australian designer brands as well as including beautiful unbranded pieces. I also thought there was a role for styling advice so you know everything that you have selected will work together so we approached Imogen Naylor (former Belle Mag) to provide professional styling and we can advise couples how to achieve the style’s they have pinned on Pinterest.


How would you describe The Wedding Nest in three words?

Inspirational. Collaborative. Progressive.
What is the best and worst thing about being your own boss?

The best: We can see our kids, be out in nature and indulging in what we love more than if we were in corporate jobs. That’s not to say we don’t work harder and longer than ever before but it’s all on our terms. Whether it’s being able to spend the morning at the beach with the kids (which we both do nearly everyday all year round) or having our kids with us on a styling shoot.

The worst: The pay cut!
You’ve gone into business with friends…this is often warned against, how do you manage friendship and business?

Of course you’re going to go into business with someone you know well and like and that person is likely to be a friend! Although we have always hit it off – our friendship is really through my husband so I think the intensity of long term friends is taken out of the equation on a day to day basis. We’d be naive to think that there wasn’t a risk to friendship there but both Zoe and I are very grounded people who have common family and friendship values. We started this business to make it work for us and our families so it wouldn’t make sense to undermine the joys of friendship and family that we share together (we regularly socialise on weekends) over the sake of a business decision.

What are your future dreams for The Wedding Nest?

We’d love to invest more in the tech side of the business and be the leading gift tech platform – from beautiful design and user interfaces to cutting edge tech features. There are so many opportunities to improve the gift giving experience so people receive what they desire as well as gift-givers feeling the romance of gift giving experience. Not just for weddings but for any occasion. And not just here but overseas as well.

What has been a highlight for The Wedding Nest for you at this stage?

One would be our ‘Meet the Creators’ dinner at Watsons Bay Hotel with Est Magazine. We collaborated with Est to showcase some of our favourite local suppliers including Mud Australia and Penny Farthing Design House. When 100 Est readers and industry insiders were sharing food and listening to the inspirational stories of Shelley- founder of Mud Australia, and Sian- Est founder and Lizzie Renkert (former editor of Madison mag) we sat back and were really proud. It was a massive juxtaposition to us earlier in the day when we were packing the van for the event in trainers with no make up and my pregnant belly sticking out.


What advice do you have for other women who have a business idea bubling away?

One of my favourite quotes by William Shakespeare is ‘Above all this, to thine own self be true’ – recognise when you’re not happy with your current situation or when you’re burning to do something differently and the go about making it happen. Just start and give it the chance to get traction – whether that means talking about it and letting your idea be free to evolve (people are too busy to copy you and your idea will change a million times over), narrowing it down to the minimum viable product, hedging your bets and starting it on the side while still at your ‘real job’ or doing a little fake it before you make it.

Remember conditions will never be perfect and your business plan will never be finished and most importantly it’s the journey you have to enjoy – not be hanging out for the day you ‘make it’ as it may not ever happen. For me, the risk of mediocrity and playing it safe in a job I had lost the spark for while missing out on my kids was the greatest risk of all. In terms of parting with start-up capital – it’s not too hard when you view it as a real life MBA – even if you just learn it’s worth it.


The ladies at The Wedding Nest are giving one lucky show +  teller the chance to win one of the popular items on their registries – the very cool My Letter artwork from Penny Farthing Design House values at $495! To win, head to our facebook page for all the details.

Terms and Conditions of Show+Tell and The Wedding Nest giveaway:

State and Territory applicable:  All states in Australia only

Start Date and Time: Wednesday, October 29th, 2014 at 6pm

End Date and Time:  The last chance to enter is 9:59pm on Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

How to Enter:  Comment on our Facebook post – last comment before 10:00pm is the winner.

Prize Details:  My Letter Artwork from Penny Farthing Design House

Prize Valuation:  Value $495.00.

Draw Date and Time:  The winner will be selected betweenWednesday, October 29th, 2014 10pm and 10am Thursday October 30th, 2014.

Method of Winner Notification:  Via Facebook message, instagram or email, depending on the easiest method to contact the winner.

Draw Process and Judging:  Last comment before 10pm wins.

Limitations on Entry:  There is no limit to how many times you can enter.

Special Conditions:  Prize is as recieved – not redeemable for cash. If the winner does not respond or claim the prize within 7 working days the prize will be randomly allocated to another entrant.