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Hearing about someones dream is SO boring but this is actually really good.

Lucy Cavanagh by Lucy Cavanagh
November 13th, 2014

Bed is definitely one of my favourite places. I love sleeping, or just curling up under the doona with a good book and a cuppa. It’s the best place ever.

However, for as long as I can remember, most nights after I snuggle into my favourite place to rest my head, I am bombarded with creepy dreams of seriously weird stuff that keeps my mind racing all of the next day.

Now, nobody likes the person at a dinner party who details every teeny tiny weird bit of their nonsensical dream. They can go on for hours seemingly not noticing that the story line doesn’t make sense, and no one has any idea what they are talking about. Or worse still, NO ONE CARES! Do not fear, I won’t be that person!

What I have started doing though, is visiting my friend Google each morning after a flood of creepy brain action and it has been fascinating! Who knew you could learn so much about yourself while sleeping?

My dream the other night, (I’ll keep it super dooper brief, stay with me) had my girlfriend and I in a garage trying to stomp on a plague of feral rats… disgusting.  I leapt out of bed that morning and went straight to what has now become one of my favourite websites, Here you enter key words and it will interpret anything and everything you could ever dream of… pardon the pun.

What does dreaming you are flying mean? I promptly typed in ‘rats’.

To see a rat in your dream signifies feelings of doubts, greed, guilt, unworthiness and envy.

Wowzas! The leading lady of my dream, my good friend Kate, had boarded a plane for a European summer getaway the day before. I hadn’t really thought about it outside of what duty free makeup I’d like her to bring back for me. But, now that you mention it, hells yeah I’m envious!

I’m also job searching at the moment and feeling lots of doubts and anytime I’m turned down, a little twinge of unworthiness. But I already knew that, didn’t really need the yucky rats for that one. Either way, I was pretty convinced that this website knows its stuff!

Now, the one redeeming trick that the pesky party guest has when describing their dream is when you discover you’ve have had the Exact. Same. One. Amazing!

There must be something juicy going on when we’re all spending our time in the land of nod flying around naked and pregnant with our teeth falling out while we’re chased by a stranger.

So I was back to to work out what is going on. Here’s the low down for you:

The Naked Dream – strolling through your dream naked can mean you are self conscious about something in your waking life. The meaning is different depending on how you react to the discovery that you are in your birthday suit. Being really embarrassed means you are hiding something in real life and are worried other people will discover it. If you’re stoked that you’re cruising down the street starkers, you may be drawing attention to yourself for all the wrong reasons when awake. If no one else notices, you may be putting too much attention and energy into something no one else cares about, it’s time to stop worrying.

The Flying Dream – Flying through your surrounds and enjoying the scenery means you are enjoying your life and have a sense of power and control over it. Good dream to have! If you are having difficulties flying, however, you are lacking control in your life. If you are crashing into things, you need to believe in your self and your capabilities more.

What does dreaming you are flying mean? The Teeth Dream – Dreams about your teeth reflect your anxieties about your physical appearance or… wait for it… your performance in the sack! Uh oh.

The Chase Dream – This dream can mean you are under pressure and running or hiding from something in your waking life, which you need to face up to.  Often the person chasing you in the dream reflects part of the issue, so that’s your key to sorting it out when you wake.

The Pregnancy Dream – This means you are pregnant, Congrats! – JOKES! – It means you are looking for some new changes in your life, but perhaps not ready to talk about or act on them. Alternatively, it can mean you are afraid of some new responsibility that you have come into your life.

So, there you have it, there is a reason to our weird dreams after all! But then, let’s not believe everything we read on the Internet… That dream where I was pashing one of Charlie’s Oompa Loompa totes didn’t mean anything… I hope. We’ll leave that one in the land of nod.

What have you dreamt about recently? (Keep if super brief and ill check it out for you)