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When I fell pregnant I thought my career was over

Monty by Monty
October 2nd, 2013

About this time last year I got a call asking me if I was interested in auditioning for a show that ABC was making. They were on the hunt for a team captain for this new quiz show. That was the brief I was given. I quickly learnt everything is super hush hush in TV land.

I had been out of the game for a while, since heaving out my lil’ man, I hadn’t been doing much on the work front. A part of me felt like maybe my career boat had sailed. I worked my derrière off to get into Radio, which I did and adored for five years, and when that came to an end and I was six months pregnant I felt deflated, like my days of screaming fart jokes into a microphone was over. I was flat.

I realise a lot of women feel like this, when you define your self by your work (sometimes to an unhealthy level) then something throws a spanner into the mix; in my case a mini human, you can feel a little lost. I had tunnel vision when it came to work, I felt like a lot of my worth came with my job title. I loved my job, I got to work with friends and giggle until my sides hurt and I also felt proud that after years of striving to get my own radio show I could confidently declare what I did for a crust. (Note: I have never used the word crust before and I plan on never using it again)

I’d had little dabbles in television after I started on Radio; my first ever was doing crosses for Kerry Anne. I was terrible at it. My mouth would go dry, I’d stumble over words and I’d sweat like a pimply schoolboy. I decided quickly that TV wasn’t my bag.

Over a few years I did a little bit more telly here and there, a few crosses for The Project and a couple of co-hosts on The Circle. Each time shitting myself and hearing that rotten noise your mouth makes when you are excruciatingly parched.

Dave O'Neil (Team Captain), Merrick Watts (Host), Monty (Team Captain

Dave O’Neil (Team Captain), Merrick Watts (Host), Monty (Team Captain)

So, when the phone rang for an audition as a staple on a TV show; I didn’t give it much thought. There was no way I was going to get it. My previous experiences on the box were less than flash. So with that in my mind I didn’t over think the audition and decided it would be good experience and I could have a little fun.

Two days later I got offered the job. (Silent squeal and when I say silent I mean loudest ear piercing squeal ever).

The fact that the people who chose me to be part of this show knew I had such little experience, makes me feel pretty bloody rad. Makes me think they are nuts too. But I’m so stoked they are nut jobs that chose me. Side note: These  ‘nuts jobs’ I speak of are the hardest working, fun peeps who held my hand, sometime literally the whole way)

When I had my son and thought my career, as I knew it was over, I was right… But that is not any where near as scary as I thought it would be. I could still easily breathe my friends even still like me (shock horror).  Now new opportunities I would never have dreamt of are popping up and although I have little to no idea what I’m doing, I’m grabbing them and giving it my best crack.

I can now take on these new opportunities knowing that my world doesn’t end when they do… In saying that Tractor Monkeys better go forever… Ha!

Tractor Monkeys is on Wednesday Nights on ABC1 at 8pm…. Come play.

How did you feel about your career when you fell pregnant?