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It has been one year since little William Tyrell went missing

Melissa Imbesi by Melissa Imbesi
September 12th, 2015

William Tyrell has been gone for one whole year and today.

In those 12 months, he has missed so much. He has missed his fourth birthday party, the colourful wonder of blossoming flowers in the spring, the warmth of summers spent making sandcastles on the beach and the crunching sound of his little feet stomping on fallen autumn leaves. He has missed the excitement of discovering what Santa had left for him under the Christmas tree and hunting for chocolate eggs left by the Easter bunny.

He has missed too much.

williamWhat makes me cry when I think of William is the idea that if he is alive, what he will be missing the most is his mummy and daddy. A little four year old whose entire world is wrapped up in the comfort of his father’s arms and the warmth of his mother’s heart, is going without. The thought that he may be somewhere unknown and frightened, unable to comprehend why no one has come to take him home makes my heart want to explode.

In light of recent suspicions by police that this innocent little babe could be a victim of abduction from a Paedophile ring. William’s parents have come forward yet again and publicly pleaded for any information as to his whereabouts. The primal fear and overwhelming sorrow in their voices as they beg for their child to be returned is so raw that listening to them evokes a physical reaction in many of us.

For those of us who are parents, we know that William’s mother and father are living our worst nightmare. Their every waking moment is an agony I hope never to understand.

Although we are strangers, just looking into William’s beautiful eyes in the various pictures of him is often just too difficult. To think that this precious darling could be going through something horrendous is so upsetting that we look away to protect ourselves from the horror of our own minds. And as each day passes, it gets more and more difficult.

But the thing is, we can’t afford to look away.

If William is alive, it is our responsibility to try our hardest to bring him home. To send him back to the arms of his parents, for a lifetime of goodnight kisses and bedtime stories in the safety of a home he feels safe and loved in. To unwrap the gifts that are waiting for him from Santa. To eat a million chocolate eggs.

williamSo the next time a picture of William comes up on your Facebook feed, or you see an article about him, or you just think of the little boy in the Spiderman suit, please circulate it. Because we must keep looking, and sharing, and searching in any way possible, and if that means sharing a post on Facebook or Twitter, then let’s all do it.

Because someone, somewhere, knows something or has seen something. And as a society, none of us should rest until William is back home.

Because we would expect no less if he were our child.


William went missing from his grandmother’s home in Benaroon Drive, Kendall, NSW in Australia in September last year. This is about 25 km south of Port Macquarie. Police believe he may have been abducted by a paedophile ring operating in the area. Please contact the NSW police on 000 or to anonymously report any information please phone 1800 333 000.

  • Kelly Egan

    this absolutely breaks my heart as a mother I cant even imagine the pain his family is in with all the troubling thoughts they’ve had to face I pray he is found and returned home where he belongs bless you little man may someone please be looking out for you <3

  • Beth

    Praying for this little boy and others like him to be found. My oldest is almost 3 and I can’t imagine going through this as a parent.

  • Darren Lovegrove

    i work with angels. Et’s abduct over 300,000 children annually, and im sorry to report i have been told this kid is one of them sadly.
    Incidentally, the US government is complicit in this scandal, they have even just advertised earlier this year for chaperons for unaccompanied children.
    its stuff like this than makes this world so dark at this present moment in time.

    peace x

  • Jenn McDougald

    With everything that’s out there why can’t someone come up with a chip or something that’s permanent so we can track our kids. That would stop so much!!!! How can you tell if I kid is an abducted child when you see them?

  • Travis Montgomery

    You’re a crackhead if you think some type of extraterrestrial has abducted this child. You’re a fucking imbecile.

  • No Name

    For Pete sake, please include the basic info like what country/state/city/region he was last seen! Also you could include info of who to contact if you have information etc. Otherwise, what’s the point?

  • Lisa Cassie

    Try looking it up on the internet, then u would find all the information u r looking for. It is New South Wales, Australia & he went missing from his Grandmothers house on 12th September last year. Its easy when u know how!!

  • Gregg Andely

    my deepest regard towards you ,where was he last seen? ,some details would help. If you care to answer a few questions you can email me or message me via facebook instead of here if you want. That’s your option.

  • Anita

    Hi Lisa. Although the person did not word things properly, I have to agree with them. I live in SW Canada and this is the first I have heard of William missing. I will keep my eyes open for him but it is good to see the details on every picture or story about him. Just in case it’s the first time someone is hearing about William. Maybe he be brought home soon.

  • Susan Patterson
  • R Dale Goodwin Coffin

    Any info about any story can always be googled if it is not included in a post.

  • R Dale Goodwin Coffin

    LOL, but you have spoken truth Travis.

  • Alex

    Seriously, instead of trying to plug what a great writer you are, put in the details of his location and disappearance. Makes me sick reading this. Forget your beauty and wine!

  • blurredface

    My thoughts exactly! This needs to be edited with proper information or it is worthless in any assistance! Date of missing, missing from, last seen wearing.. not our job to go hunting the info when it is being posted to help someone else.. include ALL THE CORRECT INFO FIRST!

  • valleygirl43

    Poor sweet angel. :( I pray that he is safe, and being held somewhere, and will eventually be found. I looked it up on the net, and found out it was in Australia, and he’s been missing since last September. But if someone took him, it’s a matter of someone seeing him and recognizing him from pictures. I doubt he’s in another country, but nothing is impossible.

  • bikerchick

    OMG…REALLY? ?? ET’S ..are you nuts…
    yea a crackhead fir sure. ..

  • Donna Balez

    I totally agree with you Jenn. There has to be some way to keep our children safer these days, especially, with all of the advanced technology available today. As a mother, my heart is breaking for these parents (all four of them) and I truly pray that God will watch over William, wherever he is and that He will protect him and keep him safe and warm and free from harm and bring him home very soon. Does anyone know if the parents have tried to contact a psychic? I know it may sound crazy to some people, but they are quite valuable to some police departments around the world, and have proven to be very successful in a lot of cases. It couldn’t hurt to try??
    I also believe in the POWER of PRAYERS, so if you happen to agree….then please pray for precious little William and all of his parents.

  • Lisa Cassie

    Hi Anita. I didn’t mean my response to sound sarcastic as I totally agree with them too, there should be more information. I live in England & I first saw this last week & thought exactly the same – No details!! That’s why I looked it up yesterday. Lets just hope that he comes home safely as I read that they have arrested a 63 year old man in connection to this little boys disappearance & others. X


    It sounds awful but why cant we put a ‘chip’ in our children, like when they r born or something, properly at hospital or doctors like when u get ure animal chipped in case they go missing but this has a tracking device inside. Also like when women have an implant to stop getting pregnant. How would this be any different to what we already have!!!!!!!!!!

  • Keren Nicole Jackson

    Is called pathos, and it’s an approach appealing to audiences who may have scrolled past a dry news story.

  • PrayerRider

    The details are at the bottom of the article if you people bother to read that far! I just don’t understand, why do so many people hate reading? Why do people treat reading like it is some kind of loathsome chore that they have to endure? Reading is fundamental to being human – and it is a pleasure besides! I love to read – anything and everything!

  • Prayer rider needs to zip it

    It was recently added because of the complaining that it was missing Stop judging. You were the one who made the mistake. You’re judging others for making mistakes.

  • Brandy Judi Lognion

    This was at end of post.

    William went missing from his grandmother’s home in Benaroon Drive, Kendall, NSW in Australia in September last year. This is about 25 km south of Port Macquarie. Police believe he may have been abducted by a paedophile ring operating in the area. Please contact the NSW police on 000 or to anonymously report any information please phone 1800 333

  • Maggi

    I can not agree MORE. Pray with me i the Name of Yeshua our Messiah that ALL DARKNESS WILL BE EXPOSED AND THAT THIS NETWORK WILL BE
    EXPOSED AND EACH AND EVERY EVIL PLAN WILL BE STOPPED!!! I am praying that the POWER AND LIGHTof YAWEH WILL LIGHTEN up every hiding place of this crooked satanic evilness. I am paying for every kid out there, every one that can be a prey of this groups of sick sexual lust and sin will find protection and a hiding place in the Shadow of our Almighty Yaweh in the Name of Yeshua . Block this people to harm their prisoners in the precious Name of Yeshua. We glorify Your Holy Name on High.?

  • Jenn McDougald

    I’d try everything possible!!! Come on our great inventors and make us something to keep our precious children 100% safe :( breaks my heart thinking about this little guy.

  • Barb

    I believe it’s commonly referred to as over kill, Prayer Rider, this is not about u or your brain.I pray for this child & his family. Amen

  • Nancy

    William went missing from his grandmother’s home in Benaroon Drive, Kendall, NSW in Australia in September last year. This is about 25 km south of Port Macquarie. Police believe he may have been abducted by a paedophile ring operating in the area. Please contact the NSW police on 000 or to anonymously report any information please phone 1800 333 000.

    – See more at: http://showandtellonline.com.au/whats-on-our-mind-today/william-tyrell-is-still-missing-and-we-cant-look-away-share-this-with-everyone-you-can-keep-posting-his-pictures-and-lets-get-this-little-boy-home#sthash.GlCD1jee.dpuf

  • jc

    I hate to say this, but gifted persons believe he can be found in the outback but a body may be hard to find because of animals. it was one person

  • Stacy Neal

    This shit makes me sick. It should be the death penalty for these types of crimes. IT WILL DETOUR THESE SICKOS FROM DOING THIS KIND OF BEHAVIOR!!

  • Malcolm Short
  • kirlywirly

    I couldn’t agree more!
    Simply infuriating.

  • c.b.

    A chip in your kid Really ?!! No thanks yikes. Praying for his safe return

  • Emma Louise Cadwallader-corfie

    I live in England and heard of him a few weeks ago and are starting to see his face more and more

  • Caroline Marinus

    :/ what happens if we chip our kiddies (I have 3) and they (psycho abductors) find out it is (the chip) in a wrist/arm/ankle/leg and they cut it off …. Leaves me cold …..

  • Jenn McDougald

    Need something that’s undetectable. Also I would still do it for the chance of tracking them instead of gone forever :( idk it’s a all so scary and sad. We just need a way to keep all the babies safe :(
    You would think this day and age it wouldn’t be to hard to figure something out. They have satellites that can check on bombs all over the world… Why not for our babies. #wishfulthinking

  • Jenn McDougald

    I read the article from top to bottom a couple times. I still think we should have something to keep our little babies safe from the sick people
    In this world. :(

  • Michie888

    In case it gets missed, I will post this on my board with the end details again – doesn’t hurt to copy & paste to repeat the info, we just want everyone to be on this. Really hoping this boy gets home safely!!

  • Emma

    Think you are forgetting about the little boy who has gone missing. The poor mother who has lost her son Just brake my heart. i hate selfish people and by reading your comment in disgust. My heart goes out to the family. And I pray he is found safe.

  • Jacqueline Parker

    I heard of William last year not long after he was reported missing. I seen it on a link on FB. Suprised though that I’ve not heard it on the news on TV. I’m really sorry he’s still not found . Hopefully with the power of Social Media he will be found soon and reunited with his Mum and Dad. My thoughts go out to them all.

  • Amelia1981Jones

    I hate to say this, but such ‘gifted’ people are often deluded. Unless you have scientific evidence you could be preventing the actual finding of this little boy. And of course, you don’t have any evidence- scientific or otherwise – otherwise you would have taken it to the police. I don’t know where you’re from, but I live in Australia. There are no wild animals that could possibly have devoured a child, or torn its body apart, in the part of Australia that William comes from!

  • Eric

    I’d say a chip is a bit on the extreme side – we’re not animals. Though when I was a kid my parents (when we went shopping) would have me on one of those cord things (one end around my wrist and the other end around my Mum’s wrist – or wherever it attached to) so I was stuck with them in the shopping center the entire time, when all I wanted to do was go to the toy area of KMart or wherever. However, crafty little prick I was, I took a pair of scissors in my pocket and cut myself free from the cord and snuck away to the toy area. My parents were surprised and thought it were a bit of a laugh but yeah they were still concerned how easy I got away. But fun and games aside, one of those cord things whatever they were called wouldn’t stop a kid going missing from their own home. Hope that they find this William Tyrell

  • Susan Davis

    I pray for the family this mystery is solved someone somehow know s .what has happened to little William about time you did the right thing and come forward .So this doesn’t happen to any other child .How can anyone sleep at night knowing information about William do it now .