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I WISH I could show some side boob like JLaw.

Monty by Monty
November 6th, 2015

I LOVE boobs! Seriously I am a boob addict.

I compliment women on their boobs all the time, and if I can tell they are fake I often ask for a feel. You would be surprised that so far, every woman has been happy to oblige…and have even quite enjoyed my little fondle.

I have itty bitty teeny weeny saggy titties. They barely fill out an A cup and after my two son’s sucked the bejesus out of them they now resemble very sad looking mini skin sacks.

I live in my oil-layered bra that adds a cup size to my décolletage. I love boobs and I am not afraid to say it. SHOW ME YOUR BOOBS.

I have been gawking at these side boobs pics of Jennifer Lawrence while she was posing on the red carpet of the London premiere of The Hunger Games. How beautiful are her side boobs? Ha, now I sound like even more of a creep!

Are you a boob woman too? Maybe I should have been a bloke!